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If you want to know more about global networking, knowledge management, and social intelligence, combined with open innovation and co-creation, read the short stories, get more information from the blogs.

We guide you to find investment opportunities in real estate and innovative companies. When you need help to select charming properties, and where to find business & professional services in Finland, Scandinavia, and Europe, just get in touch.

Whenever you want to organize innovative projects based on open source collaboration, what tactics and strategies are needed to approach chaos, accept the unstructured, and how to let evolution carry work in progress, make a call.

This is a collaborative products and services development platform.

Time to Market means money!

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Do you feel like the product is ready to evolve but you’re not sure what the customers want? KK-Net assists and guides how to use social media to internationalize innovative companies.

Understanding and or improving knowledge based business models is a part of Digital Villages services.

Most people have no idea how much hard work it takes to create a new business. Not many are prepared to work long or hard enough to make their business viable. 

Working together on a global scale might be the right way to go when you find the right people, enthusiasm, and networking skills to get started with your journey.


Globalization as a goal for prosperity

Whatever the shifting balance of power between continents and enterprises, competition is giving more power to consumers. In this context Finland is all about small scale, natural, green, modern, high-tech and minimalist. However, our environmental footprint is rather large. Our energy intensive industrial background has taught us to handle big-ticket engineering, process development, and knowledge management in industries close to our head and hearth.
Images will sell your message but we also know that there has to be good copy attached to the pictures.

When you're looking for a partner for your business. There are millions of businesses on the Internet. By now many of you know how important social networking is but how should your own company get started with online business, virtual organizations, and global networking? There are high-value situations where we can help entrepreneurs to move faster to the market with their products and services. Networking is important but work needs to get done.

  • KK-Net on Ning is trying to figure out what Ning is good for

Considering Internet, there are a multitude of different ways for small and big enterprises to get started. We don't need to do everything at once. Even small-scale, personalized low-value situations are offering promising opportunities. Are you wondering to what extent customers are talking about your product? When you want to talk with someone that has been on the net for quite some time, to learn where new revenue models are possible, make a call or send an email.

The aim of Digital Villages is to share information about issues related to social media, virtual organization successes, and how to be the first to take advantage of emerging new trends, business models and tactics! Generating leads isn't the only thing to do. You've to change your mindset and transform the way you think about networking and how to take your business digital. Our passion is helping others to make more. We're happy with a small part of the value stream. 

  • How to manage change in Finnish (Muutoksen käytäntöön vieminen)

As globalization proceeds, cross border mergers and acquisitions looks set to grow. Many will fail. The social media landscape isn't always easy to navigate. Would you like to know how those connected guys look like compared to the rest of the world? Are your customers creating content about your product that’s getting spread out on the net? We do have some interesting stories to tell. The funny thing is, you don't need to do it all by yourself anymore. There are people willing to become partners in your success story if you're ready collaborate and share.

  • You can get started with Twitternotes (Still learning to use it)

Being connected to a global network and looking for solutions outside the national borders and learning, on a daily basis, how to make mergers and acquisitions work, we've more stories to discuss. Reserve your spot in the sun now and be one of those who have the ability to build new business operations online. Because our time is limited this is probably the all important question is how to make your online presence profitable.

Let's get in touch when you want to know how to sell high-ticket items. Our love for the Internet began over a decade ago. Since then, we've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve results with their online operations. Text style blogging that has become the everyday common expectation of the way blogging is, has been going steady now for the better part of ten years. New things are rising: Twitter, microblogs, videoblogs, and podcasting, but we still think that there is much space for text in anything that happens in the blogosphere.

We work with future trends, visions, citizen journalists, and grassroots knowledge workers around the globe to produce innovative business models and investor news & advice.  KK-Net provides powerful business-building systems that gives you the tools and assistance you need to start automated Internet businesses from scratch, including the website, blogs, sales letters, various online payment systems, traffic generation, and help getting it all set up and operational. Call to learn how to make friends and big-ticket sales online.

  • Trying to visualize some of these things in Visualradio

What we all do next will determine how well we meet the energy needs of the entire world in this century and beyond? Energy will be one of the defining issues of this century. One thing is clear: the era of easy and cheap oil is over. Anything related to clean and green energy sounds like a great business model. Working together with to find real solution has its advantages but open innovation and co-creation doesn't start with a snap of your fingers. Team-building is complex task and managing innovative processes requires knowledge, patience and persistence.

  • Looking at things from a small village perspective (Finnish)

Finland is planning up to three (3) new nuclear power plants.  Bioenergy, biorefineries, and cellulose biofuels are areas where Finnish biotechnology can make an impact. A new spirit and boost of innovation is certainly needed to battle global warming. What on earth are we going to do if the price of oil is multiplied by three times $150 per barrel within a couple of years? Can social media and communication technology combined make it easier for businesses to innovate distributed energy solutions? But what the hell does this have to do with rising gas prices? Is there any correlation between the barrel of oil and networking? Make a call, let's start talking about it.

  • Biotouch discusses biotechnology and microbiology

The forestry industry has begun a painful restructuring process, providing opportunities for international investors. Breakthroughs in our understanding of how people read, communicate, socialize, learn, and how the world works in the future are needed. What is going to be the impact of Internet and social media on printing, book publishing, and advertising? Please enjoy the journey to view parts of Digital Villages, our networking friends and partners.

Pulp, paper and board production has to change dramatically to survive. The world wide web provides tools to research and understand new trends and fundamental changes. There are a lot of human dimensions to the restructuring of an important national industry. We've a long and deep attachment to pulp, paper, board, and sawmilling.

  • Discussing Biotechnology, Biorefinery, Forest Industry,  Bioenergy

Consumer demand drives successful innovation, and the development of new investment opportunities in real estate. Imagine what it would be like if one day you wake up and have a successful web business that takes your real estate offerings to a world wide audience. We just have to adjust our systems to get in touch with the world and start talking - business opportunities. Today's hot technologies can revitalize satellite and remote offices, boost productivity and morale. Distance work has been a weak promise for two decades but now we've functional tools for global, cost-effective collaboration.

Some say that in 20 years the world will consume 40 % more oil than it does today. This means from a Finnish perspective that our neighbors Russia and Norway are going to generate more wealth and money in the years to come. There is an enormous amount of money to be made in the fields of bioenergy.

Europe is working to increase the use of natural gas from Russia. Finland has a gas pipeline from Russia. We're going to see a stronger presence of Russian enterprises in our country. In a changing world you need to discover the breakthrough information that you need to transform your personal and business life.

  • Water and biotech are discussed in Kymijoki

What role will renewables and alternative energy play? What is the best way to protect our environment? How do we accelerate our conservation efforts? By switching from coal to natural gas, carbon dioxide emissions in new power generation can be reduced by up to 50 %. Take that data and do some calculations.

Could one good idea change your world? We believe that open innovation, collaboration and conservation are cornerstones on which to build this new world. We cannot do this alone. Corporations, governments, and every citizen of this planet must be a part of the solution as surely as we are part of the problem.



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Digital Villages is a group of knowledge brokers driven by the ability to look ahead offering our customers more occasions to broaden their perspectives. If you have a message inside you that can help someone else to improve his or her business plan, marketing, financing, and global communication, please, let's get in touch and start a dialogue. Did you ever consider to make a video to publish your ideas? It might be a good idea. Why is video becoming the best way to go? Because, today, the average attention span of a web user today is measured in seconds. You've to get your message through in just about a minute.

  • We can start a dialogue on Pownce

In a world of increasing complexity and information overload, a Digital Villages coach guides you toward refreshing your sense of self and developing the social skills needed to improve your business relationships. Using the strategies of online coaching and the wisdom of various tools for self-discovery, our mission of personal integration and empowerment becomes a path for quickly achieving desired results. We can support you in several languages.

  • Approaching Project Management in Finnish

The work force is becoming more mobile than ever.  In September 2005 the number of mobile phones in use passed the 2 billion mark, according to industry statistics. Together we have the power of changing peoples lives in countries with very poor infrastructure. We give advice about free resources and tools for online entrepreneurs to use in building their online and mobile presence. Topics covered include marketing, blogging, online press releases, building expert status online, network branding, ecommerce, social media development, and more.

  • We work in Loviisa and Sotkamo (Finnish)

The cellphone industry expects the number of people owning a mobile phone worldwide will grow to at least 4 billion over the next three years from 3 billion currently (2007). Imagine the impact of doing business with people all over the world with powerful handsets that carry more intelligence as personal computers from the 90's. People are more informed these days especially now when we have web 2.0. The fact is, most people are brain washed from birth by default but as social media starts to really get going, the influences that we were once subjected to will all be forgotten. In the Web 2.0 age we need to learn a new way of collaboration. It doesn't come easy, but those who understand the essence of future collaboration will find it easy.

  • Wirby the Global Village in Finnish

Our world has changed, and today you have the option of building your businesses from your home, or from anywhere else around the world you choose. Helge V. Keitel writes about mobility, post-PC, digital lifestyles, social media, in his  Finnish Kauppalehti blog. He writes about the need to move to a new kind of services and innovative energy-intensive production. It's no secret the economy is suffering. Gas prices are over higher than ever, a trip to the grocery store means digging deeper into your pockets. Consumers have turned to online resources to find better deals of goods they need.

Online shoppers use more time comparing prices on Internet to find cheaper products and services. They aren't automatically hopping in the car and searching the aisles of a local stores. Bargains are googled and searched on a global scale. E-tailers have a prime opportunity to make the most of the droves of shoppers desperate to find a deal online. Tactics suggested by industry watchers include special — and creative — promotions, e-mail marketing, free shipping, basic product page optimization, alternative payment methods and better customer service. Today’s economy is not about new products and services.  It’s about referrals,  getting people aware of what you're offering.

  • Idea generation using Wiki

Since nearly everyone in the developed world now has a mobile phone, most of the next billion subscribers will come from the developing world, in particular from China, India, Latin America and Africa. For the last couple of years, businesses have resisted the idea that consumers would shop online to save money on gas. But, with the prices as high as they are right now, we've most likely reaching the tipping point. The question then, for online retailers, is whether you make buy online, free shipping, save money on gas part of your marketing message. Is it helpful to remind people that they are spending so much money on gas? Shipping costs are going up. If you are offering free or discounted shipping, will it further erode your margins?

  • Blogging occasionally about Social Collaboration in Finnish

Europe is working to increase the use of natural gas from Russia. Finland has a gas pipeline from Russia. Haven't you ever wanted to be a risk taker? Someone who has some fashion flair, is sexy and has no problem flaunting it. If you're that person you need to visit the downtown of Loviisa. The city is small but we have great stories to tell you. We've some cool services. Personal referrals have a powerful impact on consumers but most of the people here live a slow-motion off-line life. It's a pity, but traditions are deeply rooted.

  • Tahtitaajamat is a blog about hyperlocality in Finnish

Business Communication and Social Media Services

  • Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, German (Ask for more)

Digital Villages has been a learning process. We'd to work for years and digg into the depths of Internet, Social Media and Web 2.0 before "distance work" started to pay-off. It has been a journey that completely transformed our business, revenue model and profit model. No other project has ever made such a profound positive impact on transforming our own business model and bank balance. To learn more, please make a call.



Survival of the fastest, fittest, most innovative and the boldest. Executives feel they have to invest in fundamental changes in their core customer relationships in the coming years. Where are we going? How are we going to get there?

The desire to communicate is one of the most basic natural and human needs. Success doesn't always come the first time you try. But keep on communicating and suddenly there is a change. Don't be late. Things are changing faster, much faster than we think and hope.

Inexpensive communication allows people to increase productivity, collaborate more and make decisions online faster. There was this wonderful comment about Facebook and networking: "Hey Dad! Welcome to the wonderful world of time wasting...I mean networking! Enjoy!"

A growing number of big firms are starting to worry about where their next wave of profitable growth will come from. Turn in, switch on, get connected. Across the universe, we've to understand how big changes we're facing.

A breakthrough of hybrid cars will rule the roads in the future. These vehicles get better mileage than their conventional counterparts, especially in cities, by combining a petrol powered engine and an electric motor.

Time Travels Fast. Internet is adding speed. Don't bother. We're ready to travel the world with You! For any success you have to fail. Yes, you heard it, most of us have to fail a lot. Hundreds of times. Success doesn't come easy.

With the ever changing nature of the internet it's a good idea to rethink priorities regularly. The world wide web is a dynamic entity, nothing remains the same for any time. The web has never been static but now it's reflecting the changes in the world.

"You can't step into the same river twice", goes for Internet as well.


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By working together we are much more powerful than by working apart.


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Would you like to start a successful internet business? It isn't too late to get started, yet. There is 1,6 million people using the net.

Most entrepreneurs and businesses don't have a clue about what to do on Internet.

  • Automate your business

  • Build am Internet network

  • Changing your mindset

  • Get your messages across

  • Popular resources

  • Generating leads

  • Tap into resources

  • Promote your biz online

  • Writing letters

  • Write a blog

  • Podcasting

  • Video

When you learn to base what you say about your business objectives and what is important for your audience, you find opportunity every time you speak, write, blog and podcast.

Break through by learning to convey ideas effectively. Social media has made it possible for you to establish connections and interact with all sorts of people, things and trends in the world in new and interesting ways.

A Facebook membership can  help you to stay connected with the people that matter to you, and in addition helping you to keep up with the interesting things those people are up to.


FACEBOOK has 80 million users on the globe.






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Finland Dictionary Omasana


Let's discuss what the future looks like. We can talk about how to choose innovative Investment Opportunities Partners, what it means, and the freedom to imagine anything.  

  • Fro Design Craft

A lean company can quickly turn good ideas into new products and services, and be first to market with breakthrough technologies. Our cooperation will tap into the questions what we can provide to consumers.



It's important to have the ability adapt quickly to the changes of the world economy. We can’t market research innovations, innovations are made. Rules of thumbs aren’t for innovations. Passionate people make innovations!

Individual financial and investment questions deserve individual answers. We're around to help in creating the basic attraction and loyalty to consumers.



It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We'll use the next trillion in 30 years. We're happy to talk these complex matters off-line.

We've an energy intensive industrial structure but we've also learned to use energy efficiently and the forestry industry is a big producer of bioenergy.

Demand for energy is soaring like never before. As population grow and economies take off, millions in the developing world are enjoying the benefits of a lifestyle that requires increasing amounts of energy.



Blogs educates the consumer about the different products and services sold by off- and online stores. Additionally, they feature products and services from various associates, partners, and collaborators. 

How do businesses get people to come to their events? Viral marketing is one way. Video marketing is one of the new craze's online. Did you ever try it out?



Individuals must change their attitudes and behavior in a cultural revolution that will redefine the meaning of age, health, well-being.

People around the world will start to age at an unprecedented rate. What are the implications? What are the incentives for aged people to continue working? Do we've any idea about why seniors want to continue to contribute to build communities and share their accumulated knowledge?

To create true change, the focus must be on proving new definitions and value, not just reducing costs for a known commodity.

Understanding how innovations emerge and what is needed to build successful global business operations. Cost-effective business models, interactive global collaboration, co-creation and open innovation. Innovations don't happen, they are made.



Baby-boomers will be the biggest generation of old people in history; but also the healthiest and longest living.

  • Snowdrop GNLD (Ning)

The abrupt shift in the age structure of the population is a cause of concern.

It will slow growth and increase the burden on already  overloaded welfare state.



Villages came about only with the development of farming - at the end of the ice-age, about 9,000 years ago - and even then the vast majority of people had to be close to their animals and crops.



Cities of more than 100,000 people were not developed until the days of classical antiquity, 3,000 years ago.

Homo sapiens has been around for at least 25,000 years, and for almost all that time he has been a rural creature, his habit dominated by the need to find food.



People expect to be able to click and see what you are about. If your enterprise is not represented on the web you can’t be found.

You know what your business does, but your customers also need to know. Nowdays, here are more who would like to know.

  • Selling old property in Wirby



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